About Us



Hesam Pourjam
Dariush Daraee
Mansour Khosravi
Administrative Manager/Legal Advisor

How It Started

Hesam, Dariush and Mansour have each spent many years in technology, management and planning in various fields of work, and the results of their experiences over many years shows that there is a similar problem in all fields, which is the lack of efficient tools for defining organizational goals in a transparent manner and turn them into measurable actions to being able to track activities and take necessary actions before it’s too late. 

The same challenge and effort to find a solution brought them together through mutual friends at a small gathering and led to formation of the Ulter as the sacred tool for continuous performance management.

How It's Going

Performance management software is a tool designed to help managers write accurate job profiles and expectations, create relevant objectives that align with the company’s goals and mission, document performance, and write appraisals.

We provide solutions for business performance management focused on OKR system with CFR approach.

Ensuring a strong link between strategy and execution

With OKRs, we help organizations and businesses to create a strong link between the core strategy of the company and execution. People can define objectives and key results for each objective based on the organization’s strategy.

Make working fun

Using OKRs features such as 360-degree feedback, 1-1 feedback, and daily mood can make employees feel more engaged with work and it will increase satisfaction among them. employees can express their feeling through daily mood. Also, they can receive constant feedback from their manager and from their colleagues so they will be able to improve themselves.

Staying aligned with goals

OKRs with regular check-ins can be very useful for employees and the teams and it will help them to stay aligned with the defined goals.