5 key benefits of OKRs

OKRs Benefits

How can OKRs help organizations? 

OKR (Objective and Key Results) is a powerful goal setting and tracking methodology which helps organizations to achieve their goals and also sync employees with those goals more efficiently. 

Today a significant number of companies are using OKR. Many well-known companies such as Google, Adobe, and Amazon have adopted OKR and are taking advantage of it. But what are these advantages that have led top companies to implement OKR?

Here are 5 key benefits of using OKR:

1. Transparency and better control

No matter how many people work at your company, there are always a lot of tasks that have to be done by employees and goals that have to be achieved. 

OKR allows you to define objectives, specify key results for each objective, and continuously monitor progress on objectives and track them. Therefore you will notice if something goes wrong in the way of achieving goals.

2. Employee engagement and performance

Using OKRs features can make employees feel more engaged with work and it will increase satisfaction among them. Also, they can receive constant feedback from their manager and from their colleagues so they will be able to improve themselves.

3. Staying aligned with the organization’s vision and mission

OKR helps organizations and businesses to create a strong link between the core strategy of the company and execution. People can define objectives and key results for each objective based on the organization’s strategy.

4. Staying aligned with individual and team goals

OKRs with regular check-ins can be very useful for employees and the teams and it will help them to stay aligned with the defined goals.

5. Increasing agility

OKR brings more agility to organizations by offering shorter goal cycles. Shorter goal cycles are both manageable and flexible enough to allow the team to implement changes on short notice and become more adapted to the changes.